Hey, journal lover!

So, I hear you want to smash perfectionism in the face. Maybe you feel overwhelmed, suffer from ‘blank page fear’, or your addiction to social media is giving you creator’s block. Perhaps it’s the self-judgement and comparison sneaking in. Sometimes, you just don’t know “what” to create.

That was me five years ago, and perhaps it’s you now. It’s time to reconnect with your intuitive side – to become that creative rebel, and just have a bit more FUN. That’s my specialty!

Welcome to the world of creative play. I create interactive journaling adventures that guide adults in making visual journals — with a theme. The very first ‘Journal Quest’ is starting soon (in April) with others to follow. You don’t need to be an artist, a writer, or any other creative label; you just need your Indiana Jones sense of discovery and a few basic journal supplies.