Hello creative soul!  

Are you a curious being? Maybe you’re a daytime dreamer, an online explorer, a stargazer, a cake baker, a game player, a story lover. You love ALL the things. But maybe you haven’t done any of them for a while, and can’t seem to give yourself permission to make them a genuine part of your life. Or maybe you’re in a creative rut.

That was me five years ago. I found a way through the seriousness, the business, the guilt and the overwhelm — with creative journaling. Paper and ink proved to be a simple (and personal) self-care activity, an outlet for self expression and a pathway for personal growth (here’s my story). 

Most of all, it helped support and reignite the other creative things I love. 

Now, I’m helping others become creative explorers.

Stay tuned for my first (of many) online adventures, projects, classes and general support in your creative journaling adventures.