Hello creative spirit!  

You have slipped into the realm of creative journaling. Also known as visual or art journaling, it means collecting and documenting things you LOVE about life (in a journal, obviously) using a combination of scrap papers, photos, found words and phrases, scribbled thoughts, paints and inks… but anything goes really.

Creative journaling is the perfect creative outlet. 

Did you know that journaling is also a self-care activity? Add some creative sprinkles to everyday journaling and it can help you deal with all sorts of life stuff. You’ll be empowered to:

  • smash perfectionism in the face,
  • ease daily overwhelm,
  • enjoy the analog life,
  • express your true self, and
  • reflect on what makes your life truly unique. 

With journals, papers and inks, you’ll build a stronger connection to your intuition, and have a lot of fun. There aren’t many rules with creative journaling besides: make it your own.

Stay tuned for the first (of many) online projects in creative journaling.