I’m bringing paper back (yeah!)

Art Journal Page by The Paper Revival

Let’s start a Paper Revival.

First, Hello.

And in case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve started a Paper Revival.

Here we worship paper and ink. We cut and paste; we gather magazines and junk mail; we collect words and interesting pictures; we explore colour and texture; we photograph creative moments and share them on Instagram; we write or draw in journals.

Basically, we love to capture the ordinary moments in our lives and make meaning out of them, because it makes us feel good. Plus, you know – it’s fun.

And by ‘we’… I mean You too.


Explore and Express Your Creative Self

As a fellow digital explorer, you also crave being offline, right? Getting unplugged, having a digital detox, getting back into your being. I’m all for it. It is my mission in life to explore and express creativity, and paper is the best format.

I will help you reconnect with your creative self by using what you have, what you find and what you love. I’ll teach you unique ways to express yourself with paper and ink, collage, art journaling and so much more. You’ll be a champion at embracing imperfection and you’ll know what it really means to live an authentic and creative life.


Great! Where are the goods?

You’ll notice we still have that ‘under construction’ vibe going on around here, but I just couldn’t wait for absolutely everything to be ready… I really wanted to jump in and say hello. I’ll be drip-feeding some goodies over the next few weeks, with online courses coming in the new year. Bear with me as this space slowly comes together; the mechanics are all over it (and by mechanics, I mean me).


Never heard of art journaling?

If you’ve never heard of art journaling, no probs: it is my creative habit of choice (in addition to regular journaling) and with a bit of guidance, it will be yours too. Keep an open mind as we make basic journals from paper and scraps, alter vintage books, combine colours and cut-out words from magazines; all without having to ‘be an artist’ or have prior experience in any of these things. And that’s just a taste of our paper play.

This is not conservative scrapbooking. Expect non-traditional play around these parts.


Keep updated: The Newsletter.

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Love to you all – can’t wait to meet you properly.

Peace, Jen.


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