My Story

Hello, I’m Jen: creator, wordsmith and wanderer, using my creative powers for GOOD (fun, self-expression and wellbeing) not EVIL (perfectionism, comparison or competition – yuck).

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The short story

I’ve been making scrappy, artsy things with paper and inks from the moment I could hold a brush. When I mastered the alphabet in primary school, I began journaling and writing short stories. I have been combining these two loves ever since — through creative art journaling*.

Creative art journaling saved my life.

Like most Gen Xers, I grew up believing that playtime was just for kids, and all artists starved. But I couldn’t ignore my attraction to art, the need to draw in the margins, or the knowledge in my heart that I was a creator

Sure, adulthood tried its best to conquer me. There were dramas, stress, loss, grief, toxic workplaces, digital addiction, manipulative ‘friends’, self-judgement, job losses, social media anxiety, perfectionism, writer’s block, self doubt, and good old fashioned burnout. Did I miss anything?

During one of those epic rollercoaster dips, I discovered Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. The exercises in this incredible book showed me the powerful healing benefits and pure joy of creative play. As I made creativity a priority, I found myself on a new road, where I was calling the shots in my life, and everything changed.

Why am I here?

Creative art doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or time consuming. My style of scrap art journaling and creative writing is simple, inexpensive (unless you are a stationery addict…) and it draws on other forms of entertainment — movies, music, books… anything with words, images and STORY. 

Since I made the conscious decision to reconnect with my inner wild child, I’m more “Me” as an adult than I have ever been. There’s always confusion and upheaval in adulthood, but I wield an armour carved from my imagination, my intuition is firing, and I have swag of creative techniques to support me through. I seek creativity in every opportunity, and I can no longer keep quiet about it; it’s time to share the creative adventures with you.

That is why I’m here — I’m starting a Paper Revival.


Quote: Go make art


*A quick definition for you:

Creative journaling is also known as visual journaling, art journaling, scrap art journaling – or whatever you want to call it, really. The first rule of art journaling (er… club) is: There are no rules. Well, not entirely: you do need to use a journal (obviously) whether it’s a store-bought one or a D.I.Y. journal made from various kinds of papers, bound into a book-like structure. The other non-rule is to do it your own way. Watch and learn, but always ask yourself: what do I like? What does my journal mean to me? And go ahead – fill your journal with images (found or created) and words — hey presto! It’s as simple as that: a fun form of self-expression.


Credit: Filmstrip container designed by Freepik